Attollo Desk

The best electric, sit-to-stand desk on the market.

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Stand apart from the rest.


Electric Up/Down.

Its powerful motor, with no pre-set locking points, will smoothly lift and lower all your desk's necessities, just over 19". Perfect for all heights. 

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Quality matters.

Attollo Desk sets itself apart by using only the best materials; reclaimed wood, hand-crafted bamboo, black powder coating, anodized aluminum and steel for strength.

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Function meets form.

Our adjustable and sliding keyboard tray allows your Attollo Desk to work with you throughout the day. In a seated position, it can either drop below your existing desk for perfect ergonomic posture, or tuck itself away.

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The word is getting out

As a portrait artist, I love the chic design of Attollo desk, it inspires me to want to create my best works yet.

Joseph . Kansas City, MO

the reason I like you're desk is how clean it looks without huge mechanical mechanisms to raise and lower like competitors

Benjamin . Cape Coral, FL

I'm ready to upgrade from a Ford Model A to the Tesla of standing desks.

Walt . Los Angels, CA

Love the simple design and that it fits on my existing desk!

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I find that when sitting at my desk I have less energy which in turns stifles my concentration; and sitting all day has caused me to gain weight. I have five beautiful kids that I have a desire to be here for

Newton . Kansas City, MO

I love the design and quality of Attollo Desks! I know they would help my work life so much.

AJ . Lincoln, NE

Love the simplistic design and beautiful options! Can't wait to make my coworkers jealous of me!

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Black Powder

Reclaimed Wood

Designed to inspire.

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You're not supposed to sit all day.

Humans were designed to move, our bodies were not meant to sit 10-14 hours a day. Elevate your productivity, elevate your life with Attollo Desk™.

Designed for you.

Standing more throughout your day has proven to improve your health and increase your productivity. We want you to have the energy to do the things you love most in life.

The finishing touches.

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Elevate the Environment in your Office.

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