4 Reasons It's Time To Invest In A Stylish, Standing Desk

ergonomics of stylish, standing deskPicture yourself at your office. When you come in first thing, you likely are conscious of your posture, how you're sitting at your desk, and how you are interacting with your computer, keyboard, or phone. As the day wears on, your posture begins to decline, your energy decreases, and there's a tangible shift in your mood. Imagine what those mental and physical declines do to your health and wellness over time. You wouldn't spend 40+ hours a week at the gym, nor would you spend 40+ hours a week on the couch, yet we don't hesitate when we are asked to spend 40+ hours a week seated in a desk chair. One minor change to your work environment can have a major impact on your overall health. There is a lengthy list of reasons you should be using an adjustable desk, but let's talk about four key reasons it is time for you to invest in a stylish, standing desk.

1. You've Started A Desk Job And Are Noticing Weight Gain

When it comes down to it, weight gain happens when you are consuming more calories than you are burning. Especially if you are new to the desk job environment, your body will have to adapt to the decreased amount of calories burned throughout the day when you spend the majority of it seated. What better time to set the standard for your working future than at the beginning? A stylish, standing desk can help increase the total calories burned during the day. Some studies estimate that a standing desk can burn up to an additional 170 calories every day. While a stylish, standing desk won't replace the need for regular exercise, it can help counteract the negative effect on your waistline that a sedentary work environment can have.

2. You Have A Family History Of Heart Disease, Diabetes, Or Other Health Problems

It is not news that an active body is healthier than a sedentary one. Studies have indicated that prolonged sedentary time, like 33% of your day at a desk, can increase the risk of heart disease by up to 147%. Not only that, but using a stylish, standing desk after lunchtime can help decrease insulin spikes that occur after meals. Other studies have shown that standing during the workday can also decrease your risk of developing cancer and helping to improve your overall health.

3. You Experience Chronic Back Or Neck Pain

There are a number of various studies that have been done on back and neck pain and the relationship between chronic pain and prolonged sitting. Many traditional desks and chairs do not offer the proper ergonomics for any one employee to sit and work comfortably for extended periods of time. If your stylish, standing desk doesn't afford the correct ergonomics, then using one at work likely won't relieve your back or neck pain. However, a properly adjusted standing desk can and will help you feel better by relieving pressure on joints that are aggravated by constant sitting.

4. You Feel Tired, Lethargic, And Down After A Day At Work

If you're new to corporate America, the exhaustion you feel after a day sitting in front of a computer screen probably came as a surprise. In a 2011 study done by the CDC, 87 percent of the employees who used standing desks intermittently throughout the day felt more energized and less fatigue throughout the day. Additionally, standing releases endorphins, which are the hormone responsible for the feeling of happiness. You'll find that a stylish, standing desk can help boost your energy and improve your mood over the course of time.

Get Your Stylish, Standing Desk Today

If you experience any of the above during your workday, prolonged sitting could be at the root of your problem. It is important to note that extended amounts of time doing anything can have negative side effects on the body, so you want an adjustable desk that allows you to both sit and stand comfortably and adjust as needed throughout the day.

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