Attollo | The Story Behind The Standing Desk

Attollo DeskUpon entering traditional corporate America, Attollo Desk co-founder, Nate, found himself leaving the office at the end of the day feeling beaten down, lethargic, and exhausted. He started to consider the differences between the environment of his previous work experience in the automotive industry and the environment of the software start-up he had transitioned into. He noticed one key inconsistency – standing versus sitting. In his previous role, he was constantly on the go, on his feet, moving around and engaging with others in the office. In his new position, he found himself sitting in front of the computer for hours on end.

Many of the clients of this new tech start-up Nate was working with were based out of Silicon Valley. Commonly recognized as a hub for innovation, industry leaders regularly look to Silicon Valley for inspiration when trying to fill voids in the market. In talking to his new clients, Nate found that many of them were investing in or trying to make their own standing desks to combat the energy depletion he, too, was experiencing by the end of the workday.

Before founding Attollo Desk, Nate took a look at what was available in the standing desk and sit-to-stand desk market. What he found was a number of overpriced options that had limited functionality. The more he researched, the more he began to consider what he could do himself. With a background in mechanical engineering, Nate is well-versed in developing innovative solutions.

Designing Attollo Desk

After deciding to design his own standing desk, he considered all the different problems that people may experience in the workplace that would lead them to consider a standing desk. Are they experiencing chronic neck or back pain? Are they tired and lacking energy at the end of the workday? Are they losing productive hours trying to find a comfortable position to work in? It was vital that Attollo Desk offers a solution to all of these problems in order to be a leader in the standing desk industry.

The first step in filling the void in the market was to determine the functionality needed from Attollo Desk. There are two options when it comes to standing desks – a full desk that raises and lowers or a converter that sits on top of a traditional desk and raises to create a standing alternative. Nate decided that a converter would be the best option for the most consumers. When you work in a larger corporate environment, you are often given a desk which cannot be traded out for an entirely different model. However, you can easily place a converter on top of your office-issued desk.

The next steps involved more than two years of prototyping, analyzing, and improving the Attollo Desk. From the keyboard tray to the motors to the cords required to make the desk run, there was a lot of trial and error that led to the final product.

The Attollo Desk In Action

After a plethora of hours spent in both the design and production phases, the Attollo Desk was complete. From there, the next step was to wrap a brand around the product. Thus, Attollo Desk was born.

Attollo is Latin, meaning to raise, elevate, or lift. The name was the perfect personification of the product Nate had created. The Attollo Desk does much more than just elevate your physical being when you're at work. It truly elevates your life by offering the extensive benefits of a standing desk, while also being a practical, functional and affordable option.

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