Can A Height Adjustable Standing Desk Really Make You More Productive?

Woman working at height adjustable standing desk 

Standing desks have soared in popularity as people have become more and more aware of the benefits they offer both in and out of the office. This new workplace phenomenon is not met without criticism, however. Many skeptics are wondering, “Can a height adjustable standing desk really make you more...” Fill in the blank. Productive. Active. Healthier. Happier. The list of benefits from standing at work goes on and on. Let us look at productivity. Does standing actually improve the amount you get done in a day's work?

Corporate America Is Working Against Itself

Many of us who work in an office setting find ourselves spending upwards of 70 percent of our days doing limited to no moving. Research indicates that a lack of motion can be linked to decreases energy, focus, and creativity. The commonly accepted workplace scenario, where everyone is seated at a desk or community workspace is actually hindering our ability to get things done efficiently and, in some cases, at all.

What Does It Mean To Be Productive?

In every workplace setting, productivity means something different. Before you go out and purchase a height adjustable standing desk for everyone in the office in anticipation of a giant leap in revenue, it is important to define what productivity means in your setting and the role an adjustable desk plays in it. In a study done by the Texas A & M Health Science Center School of Public Health at a Texas call center, the employer defined productivity as “the number of successful calls in one hour of work.” Over the course of the next six months, researchers saw standing employers continuously improve their productivity. In month one, standing callers achieved 23 percent more successful calls than their seated counterparts. By month six, standing callers had reached a 53 percent higher successful call rate. The numbers in this study on height adjustable standing desks and their impact on productivity are astounding.

Height Adjustable Standing Desks Boost More Than Productivity

Follow up research linked to this study indicated that the employees with height adjustable standing desk sat an average of 1.6 hours less per day. In addition to the health benefits these employees noticed by a less sedentary workday, there was a noticeable difference in the “comfort, attitude about work, and how they felt about themselves.” This changed mindset supports the idea that a more active workplace could be a self-fulfilling prophecy. Employees who are more comfortable at work get more done, when they get more done, they feel good about the work they are doing, and so on.

Is The Height Adjustable Standing Desk Too Good To Be True?

It is important to note that standing desks are not guaranteed to more than double productivity levels in your work environment. However, the potential is encouraging and has many employers across the country investing in sit-to-stand style workspaces.

In order to ensure that your organization gets the most from a height adjustable standing desk, there are a couple of suggestions from ergonomic experts:

  • determine which tasks you perform best in seated and standing positions and switch between them to maximize productivity
  • group your daily tasks based on the position you plan to perform them in
  • utilize an electric standing desk to make the transition from sitting to standing easy

An employee who does a number of different types of work, including making phone calls, typing long-form content, and performing research, may find that they are less comfortable (and, thus, less effective) when typing in a standing position, but they are perfectly comfortable to make phone calls while standing. This employee can maximize their productivity with a height adjustable standing desk by making all of their phone calls at one time while standing, then lowers the desk to start writing.

A height adjustable standing desk can make a great addition to any office environment. Increase your office productivity today with Attollo.



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