How To Convince Your Boss It’s Time To Invest In A Stylish, Height Adjustable Desk

stylish sit-stand deskConvincing your boss or management team to invest in a stylish, height adjustable desk is the ultimate raise for any employee. However, actually having that conversation with the decision maker at your place of employment can be a little challenging, especially if workplace wellness is not a priority at your company. We have put together a guide for facilitating a conversation with your boss regarding a stylish, height adjustable desk for you, your team, or, even, your entire office!

Do Your Homework...But Don’t Forget It’s A Conversation

A surefire way to get your organization’s decision maker on your bad side when asking them for something is to forget that they are a human being. It is essential to do your homework when asking for your employer to make an investment for you, but you do not want to simply rattle off a list of statistics or hand over a one-sheeter in the hopes of swaying them your way. Do your research on the benefits of standing desks and be selective when sharing specifics. Additionally, be sure to relate the benefits to your own performance at work.

Remember That It Ultimately Comes Down To Money

If there is not room in the budget for a stylish, adjustable desk, there is no amount of convincing arguments or stats that can change the numbers. However, incorporating the numbers into your conversation with your organization’s decision maker can work in your favor over an argument that relies on how good you will “feel” with a standing desk in your workspace. Let’s talk about some of those numbers related to stylish, height adjustable desks that might appeal to your employer.

The Cost Of Absenteeism

Absenteeism is the practice of not attending work, sometimes without good reason. A survey performed by Gallup indicated that nearly 80 percent of employees have a chronic health condition - anywhere from asthma to depression to cancer. The total annual costs related to these health problems exceeded $84 billion. A stylish, height adjustable desk can play a role in improving the overall health of employees, though. There are a number of health-related benefits, including reducing the risk of heart disease and improving mood. Improving the health of employees is the first step in reducing the costs associated with absenteeism.

The Cost Of Presenteeism

Presenteeism, on the other hand, is a type of poor productivity when an employee is physically at work, but not actually working. Presenteeism can occur when an employee is unfocused, not feeling well, tired, or for a number of other reasons. Studies have shown that presenteeism is estimated to cost employers three times as much as direct healthcare expenses. There are a variety of ways to combat presenteeism and increase productivity in the office, including health and wellness initiatives like stylish, height adjustable desks and corporate training programs, competitions between staff members or teams, and discouraging multitasking. In addition to increasing productivity, a stylish, height adjustable desk can improve the energy of employees, especially around that 3:00pm slump that most of us suffer from. Alternating between sitting and standing keep energy and attention at a peak by increasing blood flow throughout the body. A focus on these details are the key to reducing the costs associated with presenteeism.

The Bottom Line

Consider what would convince you to spend money on someone else. In many cases, we want to know that an investment in someone else would have a benefit for us, too. This is the same key that will convince your employer to invest in a stylish, height adjustable desk for you. Seeing the benefits a stylish, height adjustable desk will have on the company will encourage your employee to consider the investment, not only for you but maybe even for the entire office. Standing desks are a great first step or addition to a corporate wellness program, so your employer may even already have this investment in mind.

If you are interested in investing in stylish, height adjustable desks for your company, contact us to learn more about our bulk pricing for five or more standing desks.



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