How An Electric Elevating Desk Can Improve Your Health

Standing desks have soared in popularity as corporate America recognizes the relationship between copious amounts of sitting and decreased health. Even the most optimistic of skeptics has to wonder how big of an impact something like an electric elevating desk can have on your overall health. The truth is, a standing desk can have a pretty big impact on your health, but it is more than just the desk, it is about your approach to health that makes the true difference.

Let’s Talk Weight

In today’s day and age, obesity is linked to a number of health issues that more and more people find themselves suffering from. The problem is this: we wake up after spending 8 hours in bed, move around for a bit until we sit in our cars on the commute to the office, then once we get to the office, we hop on the elevator and then sit at our desks for the majority of the next eight hours. Does this sound familiar? Even if you hit an early morning spin class or regularly fit in a post-work lift, it is hard to counteract the effects of sitting all day and all night. Thus, maintaining a healthy weight or losing weight to achieve a healthy body fat percentage can be challenging and health problems associated with obesity are increasingly more likely. Things like a FitBit, an electric elevating desk, or standing meetings, that encourage you to be more active throughout the day can help with this health problem.

Are You at Risk Of Developing Diabetes?

The same lifestyle problems that lead to obesity also put you at risk of developing diabetes. Excessive sedentary time has been shown to increase the risk of developing type-II diabetes by more than 110%. Strategically using an electric elevating desk to alternate between standing and sitting positions, especially after meals, can reduce blood sugar spikes and help you maintain a healthy blood sugar levels.

Improve Your Heart Health

For nearly 75 years, experts have suggested the idea that increased activity can improve heart health. Heart disease is the number one leading cause of death in the United States, likely because the average person’s lifestyle is increasingly sedentary and, in many cases, the diets are not much to brag about, either. This prolonged amount of sedentary time is so harmful that the recommended daily amounts of exercise may not be enough to counteract the negative effect it has on our hearts. A study that compared seated bus drivers to those who stood throughout their day showed the standing bus drivers had less than half the risk of developing heart disease than their seated colleagues. Whether you are a bus driver, you travel for work, or you sit at a desk, finding ways to increase your activity throughout the day, whether with additional stops for you to get up and walk around or an electric elevating desk, can be highly beneficial for your long-term health.

Is An Electric Elevating Desk Right For You?

If you have concerns about your long-term health and the impact your lifestyle has on it, the time to take back control is now. Start moving more, eating healthier, and making decisions that benefit your health in the long run.

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