How To Choose An Electric Height Adjustable Desk You Won't Hate


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In this day and age, it is nearly impossible to make it through a day in corporate America without one of your overly excitable coworkers uttering the well-known phrase, “sitting is the new smoking.” But is it really? On average, we spend 9+ hours seated every day. Often, though, it is many more hours than that when you consider time spent in the car, on the couch, and in bed. It seems we have adopted, albeit unintentionally, a very sedentary lifestyle and it is affecting our health, our energy, and our outlook on life. The idea of an electric height adjustable desk and other sit-to-stand workspace models has become increasingly more popular due to this overly sedentary phenomenon. However, if you're considering getting on your feet at work, it is easy to get overwhelmed by the vast and diverse market of ergonomic products. This is why we've put together a guide to choosing an electric height adjustable desk that will be worth your investment.

What Exactly Are You Looking For?

Before you start researching the different options to find your perfect electric height adjustable desk, it is important to determine why you are looking for an adjustable desk and what specific capabilities you want to get out of it. Your goals for your standing desk will dictate whether purpose built or conversion desk makes the most sense and what kind of accessories you need it to be compatible with.

Six Factors To Consider

With so many choices on the market, choosing the right electric height adjustable desk can be intimidating. Here are the six key factors that can make or break your choice in an adjustable desk.

  1. Height Range

    Especially if you fall into the lower or higher ends of the average height percentiles, you are going to want to carefully consider the height range of the desk you choose. If the desk does not sit low enough for you to sit comfortably or high enough for you to stand comfortably, then the product will be a wash. Look at the product specifications to see what height options are available. Some electric height adjustable desks have height presets built in while others can be stopped at any position between completely collapsed and fully extended. You want to ensure that the standing desk you choose can be adjusted to a height that is comfortable for you so that you are inclined to actually use it.
  2. Surface Area Of Work Space

    Think about how you utilize your current workspace. Are you one to keep everything on your computer screen or do you prefer to spread your work out? Your work style preferences are not going to change just because you stand at work. You want to ensure that your electric height adjustable desk offers plenty of surface area for you to work on.
  3. Expanding & Collapsing

    Whether you have an office to yourself or are in a community space, you want to consider what it takes to expand and collapse your electric height adjustable desk. If your standing desk converter is difficult to adjust, you won't be very likely to use it. If it has any special requirements to run, like batteries or an outlet, you want to ensure that you are in a position to access the right kinds of tools to make use of your new desk.
  4. Weight Restrictions

    This is a major factor that is easy to overlook when considering an electric height adjustable desk. Be sure to find the weight restrictions of the desk converter in the product specifications before buying. If you're working on larger computer monitors, a less-durable desk is not going to be the ideal solution for your office space. Consider the kind of force you'll need your desk to withstand before committing to a purchase.
  5. Aesthetic

    If there is a certain look you want to portray with your standing desk or in your office space, be sure to look into color and design options. More than just surface look, see where your cords are stored, if at all, and what kind of hardware may be exposed to ensure that you are getting a look that you want with your desk converter.
  6. Accessories

    Many electric height adjustable desks will have accessories options. Think back to the things you want out of your standing desk and ensure that the product you purchase is compatible with the accessories you may need, such as monitor arms, storage, and standing mats.

Find Your Perfect Electric Height Adjustable Desk

Considering these six factors will help you ensure that no major details were missed during your research and help you find a desk that you love to work at. Once you get your electric height adjustable desk set up, don't forget to ease into standing. Add 30 minutes to an hour of standing time each day to let your body adjust naturally.

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