How To Make A Smooth Transition To A Stylish Sit-Stand Desk

stylish sit stand deskAny major change in an office setting is bound to be met with some hesitation by employees. In today’s corporate climate, you want to ensure that your team feels like they are included in any decision that affects the way they work. If you are starting to incorporate programs and furniture that lend themselves to a healthier workplace, the idea of a stylish sit-stand desk option for your employees is probably not news to you. However, remodeling your workspaces should be done with care to ensure your employees can get the most out of what you choose.

What’s Your Style?

First thing is first - you need to determine what style is right for your office and employees. Do you want separate standing and seated workspaces for your team? Does a stylish sit-stand desk converter suit your needs or will your office require entire desk units to be able to move? Functionality should be the first indicator of the right style of sit stand desk options. After you have determined what you need your desks to do, you can look and the design and the aesthetic that best fits your business.

Location & Installation

When you are planning a more ergonomic office environment, you want to consider the requirements of the standing desks you choose. If you have community workspaces, you want to make sure there is plenty of room to adjust a stylish sit-stand desk between the seated and standing position. If your desks adjust manually, you won’t have any power requirements, but electric standing desks will require access to outlets. All of these factors will play into the most effective location for installing your standing desks for your employees.

Adapting To A Stylish Sit-Stand Desk

Regardless of the style of the desk you choose for your business, there will most certainly be an adjustment period as your employees get used to the new capabilities. You may want to consider introducing your standing desks with a brief 101 course to help your employees learn how to get the most out of the new office environment. Some of the things you’d want to discuss with your team include:

  • The correct settings in standing and seated positions
  • The recommended timeline for standing and sitting throughout the day
  • The available accessories that may help them work more comfortably
  • The benefits of using a stylish sit-stand desk

All of these factors can make or break the standing desk experience. If we know one thing, it is this: we don’t do things that are uncomfortable for us. Thus, if you are planning on adapting your workspace to include sit-stand desks, you want to make sure that your employees know how to use them. Staying comfortable while using the new furniture you offer is essential to getting your money’s worth out of your investment.

Mass Application Of Standing Desks

While many people responsible for furnishing workspaces don’t often think twice about the side effects of purchasing a standard office chair or desk setup to apply to every individual workspace in the office, the idea of standing desks and stylish sit-stand desk converters is a newer concept that people associate with personal health and ergonomics that are specific to the individual. The question then becomes: can you really make one standing desk work for every employee? The answer is yes (for the most part). Standing desks can only be applied to the masses when they are well made.

This idea of mass application is part of what inspired the stylish sit-stand desk that is Attollo. Because our standing desk converter is electric, there is no built-in stopping point that only adapts to specific heights. With our converters, you simply place your Attollo Desk on top of the workspace you already have in place and adjust based on the user. This makes our stylish sit-stand desk a great option for budget-conscious renovations done to encourage workplace wellness.

Contact Attollo Desk today to learn more about our bulk pricing for stylish sit-stand desks and transform your office for your employees.



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