How To Set Up Your Electric Adjustable Height Desk

If you’ve recently purchased an electric adjustable height desk, you want to make sure that you set it up properly from the very beginning to ensure that you can get the most from your new, standing desk. The benefits of leading a less sedentary lifestyle are documented far and wide, but there are lesser known disadvantages associated with improper use of standing desks and other tools that are used to support a more active daily lifestyle. Let’s talk about the correct way to set up your electric adjustable height desk and what accessories can help you reap the benefits of standing at the office.


Ergonomics of electric adjustable height desk

The Proper Ergonomics

Generally speaking, your desk should at elbow height, whether you are standing or sitting. When finding the right standing height, you want to bend your elbows so they are at a 90° angle with the floor. When you’re seated, you want your chair to sit at a height that allows your elbows to comfortably rest on the tabletop while maintaining a 90° angle with the floor.

The accessories you use with your electric adjustable height desk are equally as important as the desk itself.

Computer Monitor

Your monitor should be sitting so that your eyes line up with the top of the screen. An upward tilt of approximately 20° will support good posture and prevent forward hunching while working at your computer.

A good rule of thumb for your computer monitor is that it should sit as far away from your body as it is big. If you are working on a 17” computer screen, it should sit approximately 17” back on the desk.

Mouse and Keyboard

Your mouse and keyboard should be close to one another on your desk. To prevent wrist strain, you want to facilitate a 180° angle between your forearm and hand. When your electric adjustable height desk is positioned correctly to your body, this is much easier. However, even when positioned correctly, you may want to consider wrist supports in front of your mouse and keyboard.

You may notice that, by the very nature of the human body, all of these different recommendations for the proper settings of your electric adjustable height desk don’t exactly line up. In order to easily achieve these specifications, you may want to consider a separate keyboard tray that sits just below the working surface of your desk. This allows you to set your monitor at the correct height for your neck and shoulders while keeping your mouse and keyboard at the correct height for your wrists.

Get The Most From Your Electric Adjustable Height Desks

Simply using a standing desk does not ensure that you can automatically reap the benefits of a more active lifestyle without any repercussions. You can expect that this change in your daily routine, incorporating standing into your workday, will force your body to make adjustments. You may find yourself feeling sore in new places, such as your knees, hips, or back. An anti-fatigue mat is a good addition to your electric adjustable height desk purchase because it will provide your body with the support it needs to make the adjustment from standing to sitting and back to standing again seamless.

Additionally, you’ll want to very seriously consider the shoes you wear to work. If you wear high heels on a regular basis, you may want to look at keeping a pair of flats at the office to wear while standing. Orthotics could also be a beneficial tool to help support your body as you spend more time standing throughout the day. Regardless of what shoes you prefer to wear, keep in mind that if the height of your shoe changes, it will require you to make adjustments to the standing height of your desk.

At the end of the day, you are not going to stick with a lifestyle change that makes you uncomfortable. By setting your electric adjustable height desk to the correct specifications for your body and taking advantage of accessories that support proper ergonomics, your transition to using a standing desk can be comfortable and easy.

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