Navigating The Standing Desk Market

standing desk marketOver the last few decades, the United States has identified and worked to combat the obesity epidemic that has swept the nation. Overly sedentary lifestyles combined with high-calorie meals has led to a society that increasingly suffers from back and neck pain, heart disease, high blood sugar, and other diseases associated with the negative side effects of our lifestyles. This has created an opportunity for health and wellness initiatives and led to a major boom in the standing desk market. Let’s talk about how the standing desk market has changed over the last few years and where we can expect it to head in the future.

Where Did The Standing Desk Come From?

The standing desk was a part of a push for more ergonomic furniture that allowed for the working environment to complement the natural inclinations of the body, rather than the body being forced to adapt to unnatural positions.

The research was showing that many of the health problems that our society was facing could be linked to the continuous increase of overly sedentary individuals. The solution seemed simple: start standing. Our bodies were designed to move, so a standing desk offered the perfect alternative to a traditional desk and chair set up. Upon this realization, the standing desk market exploded.

Understanding The Standing Desk Market

The standing desk market can be divided into four distinct categories:

  1. Fixed
  2. Adjustable - Mechanical
  3. Adjustable - Electrical
  4. Converter

The four different types of standing desks all offer the same fundamental benefits. Ultimately, when choosing a standing desk it comes down to preference. Let’s talk about the differences between the options available in the standing desk market.

Fixed Standing Desk

The fixed standing desk served as the initial introduction of the standing desk market. This option does not adjust between standing and seated positions, it simply affords users the opportunity to stand at the table. Most users opt for a fixed standing desk when they have multiple workspaces. Users have a standard desk space but can move to the fixed standing space when the mood strikes them. Many employers prefer to use this style for collaborative spaces.

Adjustable Standing Desk

The adjustable desks were a nice change of pace in the standing desk market, offering consumers of differing heights a way to adapt their desk to their individual needs. In 2016, the mechanically adjustable desk dominated the standing desk market, however, even in just the last two years, we have seen a shift. Researchers predict that by 2025 the converter will be the most popular option in the standing desk market.

Standing Desk Converters

Standing desk converters have increased in popularity as more and more individuals opt to take control of their own workspace. Converters, like the Attollo Desk, sit directly on top of a traditional workspace and can be adjusted between standing and seated positions. This option was a great addition to the standing desk market because it eliminated the additional expense of replacing existing infrastructure in order to make the workspace more ergonomic.

Where Can You Expect The Standing Desk Market To Go?

We can expect the standing desk market to continue to grow as time goes on and consumers become more and more conscious of their health and the impact their lifestyle has on it. Conservative estimates suggest the standing desk market will hit $2.8 billion in the US alone by 2025. The United States accounts for about 40 percent of the total market. This suggests that the standing desk market will be worth $7 billion worldwide.

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