The Benefits Of Using A Height Adjustable Desk

height adjustable desk standingAs business owners shift their focus to include creating a healthy and productive environment for their employees, alternatives to the traditional desk or work space are now commonplace. Those who are unfamiliar with ergonomic furniture and the role it may play in improving productivity may see a height adjustable desk or anti-fatigue mat as simple accessories. However, as more and more research is conducted on the benefits of some of these essential pieces in the workplace, it’s become clear that everyone can benefit from a height adjustable desk. Let’s talk about some of these key benefits that you’ll want to consider when weighing the pros and cons of ergonomic furniture.

Improve Your Mood And Increase Your Energy Levels

An overly sedentary lifestyle is linked to increased risk of both depression and anxiety. Over the last few decades, we’ve seen a dramatic change in the way we do work. More people travel for business, spending hours on end in the car or on a plane. When they aren’t seated to travel, they are seated at their desk in front of a computer. Even the most dedicated gym go-er is finding themselves spending the majority of their day entirely sedentary, thus increasing their risk of mental health disorders that can hinder their mood and outlook.

A height adjustable desk can help you combat the nature of the traditional office setting by allowing you to get things done while increasing activity levels and alternating between sitting and standing throughout the workday. This increase in activity, as small as it may seem, can have major effects on how you feel. Increased blood flow stimulates the hormones that control your mood, helping you feel better and more energized throughout the day.

Increase Your Productivity

A side effect of an improved mood and more energy is increased productivity. We all know how hard it can be to push through that mid-afternoon slump after you’ve been sitting all day long. Alternating between different positions during the day can prevent the tunnel vision that occurs from staying in one position for too long. Again, increasing that blood flow throughout your body by using a height adjustable desk can help you get more done during the day.

Reduce Aches And Pains

One of the most common complaints we hear from those who spend too much time not being active is that they suffer from aches and pains in their neck and back. If you are an active person who’s ever spent a day or two in bed because you are ill, you know what these aches and pains feel like. When do they go away? When you start moving again. Alternating between different positions throughout the day, whether seated at your desk, walking around the block on your lunch break, or standing using a height adjustable desk, prevents your soft tissue from becoming ischemic by keeping blood moving through your body and keeping your joints mobile.

Increase Caloric Expenditure

It’s no secret that more movement means more calories burned. If you are worried about weight gain because you are starting a desk job or you’re making an effort to lose weight and want to make sure you’re firing all cylinders, a height adjustable desk could be a great solution for you. Research has shown that simply standing for a couple additional hours during the day can increase your caloric expenditure by up to 750 calories each week. Additionally, the other benefits of using a height adjustable desk, such as increased energy and reduced pain can help increase your motivation to hit the gym or a recreational game after work and continue to increase your daily activity levels.

Reduce Your Risk Of Serious Health Complications

Commonly referred to as the “sitting disease,” those who lead an especially sedentary lifestyle often find themselves at much higher risk of developing heart disease, diabetes, and even cancer. Those who are consistently more sedentary than their active counterparts also have a much shorter life expectancy. A height adjustable desk can help you counteract the negative impact of a sedentary lifestyle, helping your lead a longer and healthier life.

Considering A Height Adjustable Desk?

If you are considering a height adjustable desk for your work space, you won’t regret your decision to purchase an Attollo Standing Desk Converter. Check out our inventory of height adjustable desks and find the perfect selection for you.



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