Attollo Electric Standing Desks

In the wake of an obesity epidemic, society started to take a look at the lifestyle we were leading. Many people found themselves sitting for the majority of their day. Combine with that oversized portions and busy schedules, you get a fast-paced, but a slow-moving life that wreaks havoc on your overall health. Activity is encouraged, but often not realistic between work and kids and your never-ending to-do list. Anyways, a 60- or 90-minute workout does not address the central problem of sitting at your desk for 8+ hours every day, but we do. The Attollo electric standing desk offers a sleek, versatile solution that keeps both mind and muscle engaged all day long.

Standing Desks Take Over Corporate America

The concept of a standing desk is certainly not new, however, as they have become more and more common in traditional workplaces, it is safe to say a functional and stylish standing desk that is neither an eyesore nor a budget break is a much-needed addition to the market. The Attolo electric standing desk offers a number of benefits that are lacking in the market:

  • Flexibility - Our electric standing desk converter sits directly on top of a standard desk and expands to a maximum height of an additional 19 inches. While many standing desks have a single seated height and a single stand height, the feature that makes the Attollo desk so unique is the ability to stop the expansion at any increment between the 4.5” collapsed height and the 19” expanded height. This allows anyone from five-feet tall to well over six-feet tall to use the standing desk converter comfortably at a height adjusted specifically for them. This adaption brings new meaning to the word ergonomic.
  • Adaptability - The Attollo electric standing desk can fit seamlessly into any office environment. There is no need to buy new desks, new chairs, and other office accessories to make your workspace more ergonomic. You can simply choose between the black and reclaimed wood options for Attollo standing desk converters and set them right on top of your existing workspace. By opting for a converter, you are not locked into a specific style or size of the desk and you do not have to compromise the storage that is included in a traditional desk for the ergonomic benefits of a standing desk.
  • Ease Of Use - The beauty of an electric standing desk versus a manual one is the ability for anyone to expand or collapse the desk. At the press of a button, located conveniently on the right-hand side of the Attollo desk, you can expand the desk to its full height in seconds. There is no heavy crank that makes the desk difficult to expand or collapse to your preferred position so all employees can benefit from this electric standing desk without any conflict or compromise.
  • Professionalism - The Attollo electric standing desk is made with state-of-the-art materials to offer a high-quality luxury product that is both durable and elegant. Our design is specially crafted and can hold up to 70 pounds while remaining lightweight and compact. There is no tangle of cords or bulky parts that take up all of the functional workspace on your desk. Rather, the Attollo electric standing desk provides a sleek solution that maintains the professional integrity of your workspace.

Why The Attollo Electric Standing Desk Converter?

The Attollo electric standing desk is the premier solution for stylish standing desk converters in today’s marketplace. With three different color options, this easy-to-use desk model is the perfect option for any office space that wants to promote a happier and healthier work environment.
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