How To Use The Attollo Electric Adjustable Desk

The Attollo electric adjustable desk is a state-of-the-art conversion system that is compatible with any traditional desk. The easy assembly and wide range of versatility are just two key features in what makes our electric adjustable desk the premier option on the standing desk market. The minimalist design makes the Attollo desk easy to use. All you have to do is plug it in and press the button. Voila! You have a beautiful sit to stand desk that doesn't break your back or your bank.

How To Use The Attollo Desk Riser

The Attollo electric adjustable desk is user-friendly. Here are the steps to install and use our sit to stand desk converter.

  • Unbox and set on top of a sturdy surface
  • Plug into any 110v outlet
  • Press up button on right to raise desk to a comfortable height
  • Pull keyboard tray towards you until fully extended
  • Lift keyboard tray up and gently push in before collapsing electric adjustable desk

Electric Adjustable Desk With No Assembly Required

Standing desk is fully assembledOur engineer has perfected the development of our electric adjustable desk and, in doing so, has figured out how to make it perfect from the moment it is unboxed. The Attollo desk comes fully assembled, so you simply place the sit to stand converter on top of the sturdy surface of your desk or other workspaces.

A single cord, plugged into a 110v outlet, takes your electric adjustable desk live. The cord is strategically placed on the back of the sit to stand converter to keep your workspace clean and cable free. Once the desk is plugged in, the height is controlled by two small buttons on the right side of the desk. Clearly labeled arrows dictate whether the desk will move up or down with no cranking or heavy lifting.

Get To Know The Attollo Desk

The Attollo electric adjustable desk is 36 inches long by 23.75 inches deep. This sizing is specifically formulated to sit comfortably on top of any traditional desk size while maintaining plenty of storage space for items you like to keep on the table top. You don't have to worry about coffee cups spilling while your desk adjusts from sit to stand, nor do you have to purchase an additional workspace so that you have room to do paperwork or work on projects that don't require your computer.

Additionally, the keyboard tray moves seamlessly in and out of the electric adjustable desk converter, so you are not locked into a specific position that may be uncomfortable while doing certain tasks. If you're making phone calls or writing, you can easily tuck the keyboard tray in. When you are ready to type, the keyboard tray pulls right out.

With a maximum height of 19 inches and unlimited locking points, you can stop the expansion of the Attollo electric adjustable desk at any point to find the most comfortable standing position for your height. Our sit to stand desk converter is not a one-size-fits-all product, it is a one-size-fits-you product.

Maintenance For Your Electric Adjustable Desk

The Attollo desk is delivered fully assembled and ready to use. Made from the highest-quality, wood materials, maintenance of the product is simple and effective. Clean regularly with a soft, damp cloth and your electric adjustable desk can offer a more comfortable, more productive work environment for many years to come.

We know you'll love your Attollo electric adjustable desk, which is why it is backed by our 30-Day money back guarantee. Order your Attollo desk today.



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